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Secured Loans Against Vehicles

Do you need cash and are not able to get a loan from the bank or other sources as your credit rating is too low or perhaps you would prefer a loan with no credit checks or proof of employment required? A secured loan against vehicles that you own may be the answer and Lamna offer a simple, secure and legal option for anyone in South Africa that needs to get a secured loan against cars, boats, motorbikes, caravans, vans, bakkies as well as any other assets of value that are fully paid. Application is simple and can be completed online in just a few minutes, simply complete the short form and a consultant will be in contact to discuss your options. Give as much information as possible when you complete the form and you will be given an indication of the loan amount that can be offered to you. If you are happy with the offer and would like to proceed with the loan then you will need to make an appointment to go into one of the offices around the country to have your vehicle appraised. If everything is in order and you accept the loan agreement then the funds will be paid to you immediately via EFT and your vehicle will be stored securely until the loan is repaid in full including interest. If you are in need of cash and have a vehicle that is fully paid and you can loan against then why not see how they can help you, get more information or apply now at

The benefits of applying for a loan from Lamna are that no credit checks are required to be approved, there are no banks involved and your credit rating plays no part in the loan approval process. You can also apply if you are unemployed or self-employed and if you do not pay back the loan there are no legal implications as your vehicle will be sold to recover the loan amount and related fees. With the correct documentation a secured loan against your vehicle could be approved and paid in 12 to 24 hours and if you are able to repay your loan earlier than the agreed date then this is generally possible. Along with loans against vehicles Lamna also offer other secured loan options and you can apply for secured loans against property that is fully paid as well as jewellery, art, antiques, luxury watches and many other items of value that you may own. Don't go without cash if you need it when you may be able to get approved for a secured loan, apply now at
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Free Credit Reports South Africa
Have you tried applying for loans and/or store accounts and have been declined due to your credit status? This can happen to many people and not knowing your credit score can make it more difficult to try and improve it. Credit Report SA is here to help make it easy for anyone in South Africa to get free access to their credit score on a monthly basis. This enables you to see how prospective creditors and other companies see your credit profile when you apply and helps you work out how you can repair and improve your credit score. Don't carry on wondering what your credit status is when you may be able to access your credit report for free.

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Cell Phone Contracts with Bad Credit
Do you need a new mobile phone or tablet PC on contract though cannot get approved when you apply? In many cases if you have any problems with your credit then it will be difficult to get a new phone on contract and is here to do their best to help you with a new mobile device on contract from a major service provider in South Africa even if you have been declined when you applied yourself. There are a range of packages available with airtime and/or data and SMS and a range of devices to meet most requirements. Please note available deals and phones does vary and the best way to see what is available is by browsing the website.

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